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We will be offering a wide variety of stores to meet all your cycling gear and sport supplement needs. See our available stores at the events below:


For everyone

Medihelp trapNET is for everyone! Whether you are a die-hard "trainaholic" cyclist who lives and breathes the motto that is rule number 5, an individual that simply relishes each and every opportunity to enjoy the simple pleasure of riding a bike or someone that is relatively new to the world of cycling - this event is for you, and will leave each individual smiling as well as with a couple of fond memories richer.



We all love an expo filled with all the latest and greatest accessories, supplements, bicycles and cool kit. Join in the fun and enjoy the excitement around this event by ensuring that you pass through the expo, which is open for the duration of Medihelp trapNET. There are bound to be some amazing deals, so don’t allow this golden opportunity to pass you by.


Gear Shop

One of the most satisfying moments for cyclists and fellow sport lovers would definitely be lacing up those new kicks, wearing that new kit, and putting that new steed through its paces. We are offering you an opportunity to feel invincible once again in our wide variety of gear shops present at Medihelp trapNET.


Sport Supplements

There are many factors that dictate the success of your race. How you feed your body before, during and after the event may just be one of the most important ones. Ensure that your nutrition game is on point by gaining some much needed expert advice and products from the many sport supplement stalls present at the event.