(Centurion, 6 June 2019) Cycling enthusiasts can dust off their bicycles and get ready for the Medihelp trapNET, which will return to the City of Tshwane on Sunday, 29 September 2019.

The iconic SuperSport Park will once again serve as the race village for the 95 km cycling event.

Moving the date from its original Winter time-slot to early Spring is just one of the enhancements made by the organisers to create a better experience for the event’s participants, who will explore the streets of Tshwane along the undulating route. Five top-quality refreshment stations along the route and finish village entertainment will maximise the experience for participants and their supporters alike, while the prize purse of R65 000 and prizes for all category winners add to the event’s appeal.

In an effort to establish the Medihelp trapNET as the crown jewel of the Tshwane region, the organisers are currently working closely with the City of Tshwane and Traffic Authorities to secure full road closure for the event. The event enjoyed 80% road closures in 2018, but achieving full road closures during a mass participation cycle race enhances the safety of all cyclists, while first-time participants benefit from cycling with more confidence in a controlled race environment.

After the event’s successful inaugural staging in 2018, Medihelp, kykNET and the City of Tshwane return as event partners for 2019. The event also recently secured the support of new sponsors, Twizza and Mango Airlines.  

“Medihelp medical aid is proud to announce its second year of sponsorship of Medihelp trapNET.  With the event’s full road closure, obtaining the status as qualifier for the Cape Town Cycle Tour and the date moving to 29 September we are looking forward to a race that is has all the makings of becoming a prime event in Gauteng,” said Heyn van Rooyen, Medihelp’s Principal Officer.

Improve Seeding At Major Cycling Events

The Medihelp trapNET is an important event on the race calendar for those cyclists hoping to improve their seeding in other major events.  

The Medihelp trapNET is the final cycling event that can be used to improve cyclists’ seeding for the 947 Cycle Challenge, while the event is also an official seeding event of the 2020 Cape Town Cycle Tour.

Action Packed Race Weekend With Expo, Junior Race

In addition to the 95km challenge on Race Day, race weekend includes activities for the whole family. After collecting their race numbers at SuperSport Park on 27 and 28 September, participants and their families can linger a little longer and visit the race expo for the latest sports and healthy lifestyle merchandise.  

Younger cyclists will also have the opportunity to show off their skills in the trapNET Junior Challenge on Saturday, 28 September, during which children can complete a one, two or three-lap course within the secure SuperSport Park precinct. Junior Challenge entries will open on 1 July.

The event proudly supports CHOC Childhood Cancer Foundation, the only organisation in South Africa that provides comprehensive countrywide support for children with cancer, life-threatening blood disorders and their families.

Medihelp trapNET online entries are currently open at https://trapnet.co.za.  Medihelp members qualify for a free trapNET entry viawww.medihelp.co.za/showcase/events for more information.

For more race and entry information, cyclists may visit https://trapnet.co.za/, or they can join the online conversation on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/trapnetcycling/) or Twitter (https://twitter.com/trapnetcycling). Event queries can also be sent to eventsupport@asgevents.co.za (put trapNET in the subject line).


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