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[title style=”center” text=”FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS”]


[accordion-item title=”PRE-ENTRY REGISTRATION”]

Registration will take place at the following venues:

  • Land Rover Sandton – 11 October 09:00 – 17:00
  • ASG Concept Store Olypmus Village – 12 October 09:00 – 17:00

Late entries will be accepted for the event at the following registration venues:

  • Land Rover Sandton – 11 October 09:00 – 17:00
  • ASG Concept Store Olypmus Village – 12 October 09:00 – 17:00

No registration on the morning before the start of the event

[accordion-item title=”ENTRY FEE”]

Road Classic:
110km: R400
84km: R340
60km: R270
Entries close at 23h59 on 03 October 2018

This event is timed by RaceTec.

[accordion-item title=”PROOF OF CSA LICENSE OR AFFILIATION”]

You will be required to produce your valid CSA license, proof of Provincial or Club affiliation at registration or you will be required to purchase an event license at registration for R 35.00

[accordion-item title=”SEEDING”]

Seeding of the events is done according to the Bestmed-ASG Cycle National Seeding Index for all online entries and pre-entries received and paid before relevant closing dates.

Please note that if you haven’t taken part in an ASG event, you can go onto the ASG Event site and can select an event from one of our predetermined external (non ASG) events, which took place within the last year, and add in your details and finishing time.
The system will automatically calculate your seeding based on the finishing time and nature of the event.

If you are already ranked on the ASG Bestmed Seeding system, you can also add in your results from these non ASG Events if you have taken part in them and feel they will improve your seeding.

[accordion-item title=”LATE ENTRIES”]

Late line entries will only be accepted at the registration venuesas indicated, not on the day of the race.

Urgent note:A penalty fee of R60 will be applicable for all distances.

No seeding for late entries, you will be seeded in the non-seeded groups

[accordion-item title=”TANDEMS”]

Each rider must complete a separate entry form or enter as required.

Please fill in your tandem-partner’s name and ID.

Both Tandem riders must wear Race Tec timing chips to have a result and seeding for the event.

[accordion-item title=”TIMING COMPANY”]

Timing results for the road event to be done by Race Tec.

Each entrant must be in the possession of a Race Tec timing chip to receive timing.

Each cyclist must carry the Race Tec timing chip for the duration of the event.

Race Tec timing chips will be for sale at the registration venues as well as at the start at a cost of R150.00


[accordion-item title=”RIDE INFORMATION”]

The final cut-off time at the finish line for the road event is at 13h00. Riders will not be allowed to continue after 13h00 and if they refuse to adhere to marshal’s instructions, their race numbers will be taken off and anyone who continues on does so on their own accord.

As far as the route is concerned the road surface throughout is very good.
Riders are advised to look out for the road narrowing where a new 3-way stop has been created in front of the Hartbeespoort Shopping Centre at Oberon, so please be careful there. There is also a new speedbump that’s been put up.
Speedbumps also present themselves at Skeerpoort, so please be careful there too.

The 84km and 110km distances merge at the bottom of the Hekpoort climb with 84km riders coming from the direction of Hekpoort town and 110km riders coming from Bekker Schools.

Riders are asked to please look out for each other and merge safely.

The 60km ride follows and route to Maropeng and back and will also integrate with the two other distances at the R400 intersection back to Hartbeeshoek, but this will only be for a period of a half an hour during the race.

[accordion-item title=”WATER POINTS”]

There are five waterpoints on the 110km and 84km rides and two on the 60km event.

Waterpoints are situated at the following points:

  • Waterpoint 1: Skeerpoort (after 25km)
  • Waterpoint 2: 100 metres before the N14 T-Junction (after 50km)
  • Waterpoint 3: Bottom of Hekpoort
  • Waterpoint 4: Top of Hekpoort
  • Waterpoint 5: Bottom of Poeierbult

For the 60km their first waterpoint will be at the turn-around and they will pass the Poeierbult point as well.
The final four waterpoints on the route will have a mobile toilet.

[accordion-item title=”SWEEPING VEHICLES”]

We have ample sweep vehicles and busses on route. Please note that riders who can’t continue further will be picked up by these sweeps, BUT WILL NOT BE TAKEN TO THE FINISH LINE IMMEDIATELY.  The sweep vehicles are under strict instruction to only take a batch of riders back to the finish line once they reach capacity.

The final sweep vehicle will be two 30 seater busses.


No cyclist may use another person’s cycling number.

If you are unable to cycle, someone may take your place with a letter of authorization from you.

Your entry fee will not be refunded and the substitute participant will be required to pay a fee of R60-00 over and above the applicable entry fee.

Distance changes will be treated as a substitution.

No substitutions will be allowed on race day, regardless of circumstance.

Your entry fee will not be refunded.

[accordion-item title=”ROAD SAFETY”]


Ample Lead and sweep vehicles will be available as well as a strong contingent from Metro Police.

All participants are deemed to have acquainted themselves with the rules and regulations and are bound to them.

Cyclists must at all times obey the instructions of the traffic officers and marshals and comply strictly with the rules of the road, unless authorized to the contrary by a traffic officer or a marshal.

Failure to comply will lead to disqualification.

[accordion-item title=”FIRST AID”]

Medical assistance will be provided at the start, along the route and at the finish by Helivac Event Medical Specialists. Any cyclist requiring hospital care will be taken to the closest Hospital or medical treatment of their choice.

[accordion-item title=”RESULTS”]

The provisional results of the event will be available within 24 hours on the website: www.racetec.co.za

Any objections must be tabled with the race organizer / referee / CSA officials within 1 hour after the finish of the race, and accompanied by a payment of R100. Further changes to the results must be sent to queries@racetec.co.za no later than 7 days after the race. NO CHANGES will be made thereafter, as they cannot be included in the National Seeding Index.

[accordion-item title=”PRIZE GIVING”]

Prize giving for the road classic will start at the finish line at 12:00 or as soon after results dependant.

No prize money will be handed to winners before the prize giving, regardless of circumstance.

You will forfeit the prize money / trophy if you are not present at the prize giving.

Prize money can be replaced with Vouchers of the same Rand value.

There must be at least 3 riders in a particular category for eligibility of Prize money to be paid. Prize money will only be paid to the 1st place finisher, in the event that 3 (three) or less riders finish in that category, and Prize money paid to the top 3 (three) finishers in the event that 4 (four) or more riders complete the event for that category.

No prize money will be paid to any riders who received complimentary entries for the event.

[accordion-item title=”BAD WEATHER”]

The event will take place regardless of weather conditions and will only be cancelled for safety reasons.

No refunds will be made.

[accordion-item title=”PHOTOGRAPHERS”]

The official photographer for the event will be Actionphoto available at www.actionphoto.net

[accordion-item title=”RACE ORGANISERS DISCRETION”]

The race organizers have complete discretion in deciding whether to accept the entry of a participant. The organisers receive the right to refuse the entry of any rider should they so decide. All race results will be in the hands of the race organisers whose decision will be final, there being no right of appeal.

For any further enquiries please contact ASG Events on 076 830 5578 or email eventsupport@asgevents.co.za

[accordion-item title=”INDEMNITY”]

Entrants and participants (“Participants”) in the BESTMED SATELLITE CLASSIC – 2018 (“the Event”) acknowledge that although all precautions have been taken by the organizing body to ensure the safety of all participants, there may be dangers inherent in participation in the Event and activities related thereto. Participants voluntarily assume the risks of attendance at and participation in the Event and hereby waive all claims of whatsoever nature and howsoever arising in relation to the Event or otherwise against any parties, including but not limited to the organizing body, the sponsors. The advertisers, any local authority and/or the directors, employees, suppliers and assistants of these parties, including any individual, official, marshal or agent (“the Parties”). Participants hereby irrevocably indemnify and hold harmless the Parties against any liability and claims of any nature whatsoever and howsoever arising (whether directly or indirectly caused and whether arising from negligence, albeit gross, or from the participation or involvement in or passage to or from the Event or otherwise) including but not limited to liability for delay, inconvenience, accident, death, injury, illness to their person, or loss or damage to property or costs and expenses sustained, incurred or put to by Participants and/or by any minor children under the care or control of Participants. Parents or guardians authorizing a minor’s participation in the Event, which shall prima facie be evidenced by their signature on this entry form, hereby consent to such minor being bound to the aforegoing and further indemnify the Parties to the extent, if any, to which such minor is not capable of waiving his/her rights as stipulated above.